I'm Dr. Alyssa.

Thriving Foundations is here to help you intentionally cultivate holistic health for your child from day one.


Baby-Led Weaning for Holistic Mamas

We educate and empower you to holistically nourish your baby and cultivate health from first bites & beyond.

While raising a family, every day seems to present another
important and impactful choice.

It all starts well before your baby arrives… Where will you plan to birth your baby? Will you co-sleep? Breastfeed? Then, there are the childcare, medical, and health decisions. Sounds familiar, right?

it's a lot.

Despite these big decisions, you value the opportunity to choose what’s best for your baby, both now and as they grow. Well, we’re here to affirm that your instincts are right on — and you’re in the exact right place to learn true and trustworthy information about feeding littles, providing holistic nutrition, and building a strong foundation of health for the long term.

and when it comes to introducing solids and doing baby-led weaning, there are even more questions and important decisions to be made.

Welcome to the educational hub for parents to find and digest research-based information about holistic health & nutrition.

Teaching you how to safely introduce solids and build strong foundations of holistic health for your children.

Helping you broaden your knowledge and find trustworthy content and products all in one place.

Providing access to more information and support throughout your family’s holistic health journey.

As a pharmacist & holistic mama, I’ve seen and experienced the challenges of stewarding your family toward holistic health…

Despite these challenges, I’ve also seen the immeasurable impact it can have on the whole family — and I hope you hear me when I say it’s worth it. 

I’m here to take a bit of the weight off your shoulders — helping parents like you build holistic foundations of health so our next generation of babies can grow to be happier, healthier, stronger, and smarter than ever before.

hey mama!

 — Dr. Alyssa here.

Meet Like-Minded Mamas Raising Thriving Eaters

“This course eliminated the anxiety around feeding our babies.”

This course eliminated the anxiety around feeding our babies. Especially as a new mom, I stressed out about whether or not he was getting the right nutrition. After taking this course, I didn't even question it. I knew he was getting everything he needed and that was a huge relief. 

— tiarre

“Alyssa's guides are so easy to follow and have made learning about 
introducing solids so convenient”

The supplemental guides are so helpful! I refer to the food timeline, clean swaps, shopping lists, and milestones guide all the time. Alyssa's guides are so easy to follow and have made learning about introducing solids so convenient.

— beth

“This course is priceless.”

When I say this course is priceless, I mean it. It gave me the confidence and knowledge to make thoughtful decisions to best support my son's health and wellness and help him thrive and heal.

— taylor

Where we share trustworthy and empowering information on feeding littles & holistic health for the whole family.

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The Holistic Baby-Led Weaning® Workshop

This 60-minute introduction to safely introducing solids to your baby gives you confidence in raising a thriving eater and building strong foundations of health.

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Getting Started with BLW

Ease into starting solids by using our top five tips to build strong foundations of health for your baby from day one. You’ll also receive a list of suggested foods to introduce during the first month!


The Holistic Baby-Led Weaning® Podcast

Dr. Alyssa shares important information on baby-led weaning and how you can use a holistic approach to set your baby up for lifelong health.

let's be honest

Being a mother can be overwhelming at times.

Even still, it’s the greatest joy and most sacred responsibility.

As holistic mamas, we’re in this together. And at Thriving Foundations™, our mission is to educate, empower, and support you through the ebbs and flows of motherhood.