I'm Dr. Alyssa.

Thriving Foundations is here to help you intentionally cultivate holistic health for your child from day one.

free 60-minute workshop

An Introduction to Holistic Baby-Led Weaning®

Learn how to safely start solids and gain confidence in raising a thriving eater while building strong foundations of health for your little one. Hosted by Dr. Alyssa.

When it comes to baby- led weaning and starting solids, what you want is simple:

To feel prepared to introduce solids in a safe way
To encourage your child to develop a healthy relationship with food

To feed your child nourishing foods that cultivate lifelong health

your gut may be telling you the status quo of our current food system isn’t up to par, and you want better than that for your child.

not to mention,

Whether you consider yourself a natural-minded mama or are just curious about our holistic approach, we’re here to support you in feeding your baby with intention, confidence & ease.

In this Holistic Baby-Led Weaning® Workshop, you'll learn:

The basics of Thriving Foundations’ signature framework
Important safety information and practices for BLW

Three myths about starting solids
How to use nourishing foods to build strong foundations of health throughout this critical time in your child’s life

A pharmacist & mama on a mission to help parents nourish their babies with intention to prevent chronic health issues.

Throughout my professional experience, I’ve talked to countless parents who want to support their child’s health in a holistic way, they just don’t have the resources to do so. That’s why Thriving Foundations™ exists — to provide parents with trustworthy, research-backed information and frameworks for nourishing babies so our next generation of children can grow happier, healthier, stronger, and smarter than ever before.

meet your host

 — Dr. Alyssa!

All you need is 60 minutes to...

Gain essential knowledge about starting solids & baby-led weaning 

Feel more empowered & confident
while nourishing your child

Learn the basics of our holistic & intentional feeding framework

PLUS at the end of the workshop, you’ll receive our comprehensive guide to safety when starting baby-led weaning to help you feel prepared and at ease during this exciting time!

being a parent is a sacred responsibility.

Here's what we know to be true:

We’re here to help you steward your child’s health and give your baby the strongest start to life. And remember — we’re in this together, mama!

Inspired by ancestral wisdom, Thriving Foundations™ was created to help parents steward their child’s health with the utmost knowledge and intention.