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Thriving Foundations is here to help you intentionally cultivate holistic health for your child from day one.

Ready to Start Solids with Your Baby?

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Holistic Baby-Led Weaning ® by Thriving Foundations™

Free Getting Started Guide

Learn what truly matters when starting solids if you want to build strong foundations of health

So your little one can grow into their happiest, healthiest, strongest, and smartest self.

This guide supports your baby-led weaning journey by sharing the foundational elements of our holistic approach to starting solids. Backed by extensive research and reviewed by healthcare professionals, our framework helps you reduce the risk of chronic illness and provide your baby with the strongest start to life. 

When you download the free Getting Started Guide, you’ll also receive our list of suggested foods to introduce during month one!


Inspired by ancestral wisdom, Thriving Foundations™ was created to help parents steward their child’s health with the utmost knowledge and intention.